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Honeymoon Destination France

Romance in France – Honeymoon Destinations Beyond Paris

In France, honeymoon destinations which combine everything that you could possibly want from a romantic getaway are not difficult to find. There are plenty of very good reasons why France has become world famous as the number 1 destination for lovers.

Of course Paris, with its beautiful architecture, famous restaurants and excellent  food, and world class shopping experience, is well worth a visit as part of any Honeymoon.

But if you can find the time during your trip to travel further afield I guarantee you won’t regret it. Here are some of the best ideas to find Romance beyond Paris:

France – Honeymoon Destinations with Fizz

Any newly-wed couple is going to want to raise a toast to their union with a nice glass of bubbly. So why not do it properly – with a wine tasting trip to the champagne region! On the famous ‘Route du Champagne’, or ‘Champagne Road’ in France honeymoon destinations combine luxurious hotels with a wide range of wine tasting trips to famous champagne houses and small boutique estates alike.
Wine lovers may also like to stop off at the Loire Valley, known as ‘the garden of France’, which features some of the best wine tours in the country alongside beautiful scenery, plenty of culture, and all of the Romance that you could hope for.

Medieval France – Honeymoon Destinations with Historic Charm

The Alsace region may not be the first place which comes to mind when you think about French vacations, but if you are looking for a quaint little place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city then it is difficult to beat. Quaint medieval villages sit amongst breathtaking views of the French countryside and the nearby Jura mountains. Whether you prefer to explore the winding side streets of villages packed full of traditional charm, or go trekking in search of the perfect picnic spot, you are sure to find peace, tranquillity and romance in Alsace.

The French Riviera

Provence and the French Riviera offers a unique combination of high class hotels, high culture and celebrity connections. The area has always been a popular destination for the world’s elite, from film stars to European royalty. It is famous for its museums and art galleries, restaurants and marinas. For sun worshippers who love to be spoilt, the Riviera region is perfect!

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