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Men’s Titanium Wedding Rings

Men’s Titanium Wedding Bands

Usually, when it comes to weddings, any thoughts of rings and ring-shopping are directed towards the bride and her desire for a shining diamond; but wedding rings for men are just as important – after all, they are meant to be a lifetime investment and a symbol of your undying love.

While men used to be content with a simple silver or gold band on their finger, modern tastes have changed and become more elaborate and discerning. Women may yearn after platinum and white gold, but men prefer a metal a little more – well, masculine. That metal of choice is none other than titanium – the same “space-age” metal used in constructing both space and aircraft.

While some women may roll their eyes at the thought of men desiring such a tough, macho material there is a romantic element to the choice, in that titanium is stronger than gold, silver and steel and is quite capable of lasting for all eternity. It is also very light and comfortable to wear, hypo-allergenic, scratch-resistant and currently highly fashionable – Google “titanium wedding rings for men” and immediately a whole raft of jeweller’s websites pop up on your screen.

It’s official, titanium wedding rings are in vogue.

In fact there are a number of websites devoted solely to this lustrous silver corrosion-resistant metal. These sites include, and There are also special titanium ring sections on ebay and Amazon to help you with your search for the perfect ring. There you can also find the tungsten brand which is know for its high quality and modern rings.

Prices for titanium rings can vary widely, from as little as $40 to as much as $9,040, depending on other metals added, such as diamond or gold, and whether or not the ring is engraved. While titanium’s natural colour is a sleek silver, rings are also available in striking black and can boast all manner of embellishments ranging from blue tribal markings to gem insets and a variety of precious inlays.

Whatever your preference, you are sure to find a titanium wedding ring to suit your unique tastes and style – happy shopping.

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