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Pre Wedding Diet

Brides constantly send me questions about their pre wedding diet and whether they should buy their wedding dress. And perhaps do some alterations later on just a few weeks before the wedding when they are happy with their body shape.  My answer is yes, absolutely but the earlies you start your pre wedding work out and diet plan, the better

So  have you ever wondered why the stars that you see on TV are always in great shape, even though they eat their fair bit of junk food and drink alcohol. Or have you ever taught how its possible for them to lose weight so fast, especially after having a baby.  And NO it has nothing to do with genetics. The one and single reason behind their great body is a structured plan. Yes a diet and exercise plan. And whom do you think these so called modes turn to for help.

They go to a professional weight loss doctor. But this might be a little bit expensive, but luckily for you in this day and age you can get professional advice online. I have spent countless hours searching online and connecting with people in online forums to get as much info as possible. in one particular forum, a lot of women were talking about a doctor with the name of Dr Charles. I went on and bought his program for around $40. It’s an incredible weight  loss diet plan. You can check it out yourself. It’s called fat loss factor, click Here to visit their website. Kate Middleton did something similar to lose weight for wedding.

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