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Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Rings

 Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Rings

The “Princess cut diamond” means quality, originality and style. Its greatness is all we need in the most special day of our life, the wedding day.

“Vera amoris”, the gold ring, is a true love symbol, the intercommunion between two souls and bodies for rain and shine. Just a metaphor or a truth, the wedding ring is bearing emotion, joy, restlessness the day in which it is bought.

White, pink, golden or inlaid with black, it could have diamonds, pearls and red rubies. How to choose one? Do you create your own design or do you like selecting a committed, dedicated global brand with tradition and reputation in the gold wedding bands?

Choosing the wedding rings is very important as they must pass the test of time, maintaining their beauty over the years. 18K gold contains 75% pure gold while 14 K, just 58.5%  Regardless the model chosen, the  quality workmanship matters. They are an investment of soul, the real value being 4-5% of the total budget of the wedding.

After the round brilliant, the princess diamond is the most popular shape. It can be also rectangular. Created in 1980, the princess shape displays the same high degree of brilliance as the round one. The original cut, with deep roots, 1961, is a unique and remarkable alternative to the popular round brilliant. With importantly depth and table proportions, a crown and pavilion angles, the cut is determined by symmetrical arrangement of the facets on the diamond, maximizing brilliance and fire.

An ideal princess diamond has its table within 62-68%, the depth must be 64-75% and the crown height should be 10-15%, with an excellent symmetry. Also, another important thing when determining the ideal cut for a princess diamond, it is crucial to take the width to length ratio into account, because this will decide how rectangular or square the diamond is. The ratio is calculated by dividing the length against the width. A perfect square princess diamond will have a ratio of 1, while a more rectangular one will be over 1.05 Briliant fancy shapes are created combining the contemporary shape of an Emerald or a Square cut.

When searching for the perfect princess cut diamond, it is recommended to check with one of Zoara’s certified gemologists who will be happy to suggest some excellent options for ideal princess diamonds.

If you have the desire to be a princess in your wedding day and long after, select a ring settings with baguettes, trilliants or channel-set princess cut side diamond at a high, elegant profile. So, you will be able to keep the brightness of your wedding for the entire life, wearing this wonderful, magic ring.

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