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Your Wedding World

By Fiona Adams

How is it going? Welcome to my website. 

My name is Fiona and I am a retired wedding dress designer. I started designing dresses at the early age of 7. My mum used to own a tailoring & alterations shop and I remember experimenting with pieces of fabric (ruining some really expensive fabric in the process!)   I decided to put this website up with the assistance of my computer GEEK nephew to help you ladies out there with your Wedding Dress buying DECISIONS :-).

I made some good genuine friends in the wedding industry, and I will be sitting down with some really nice people for advice about wedding rings, different hair styles, wedding day flowers, cakes, photography and even cars (which I know nothing about!)  My travel agent friend Tim will be revealing some great honeymoon destinations. Don’t run away. There are some really awesome budget friendly hot spots.

These people are all experts and very successful at what they do.  You will find inspiration, guidance and ideas on how to style your wedding. All the info will be posted under the respective categories.
I twisted their arms into revealing and talking about money saving tips!

Now I know a lot of women find it very tiring and time consuming when it comes to choosing their princess perfect Wedding Dress. I can understand, these days there are so many styles and designs to choose from that it is easy to get overwhelmed. Are you finding it hard to make up your mind? Remember, this is the dress you are wearing for one of the most (or probably the most) special days of your life, so it should be the best shopping experience ever for you. 

I get really upset sometimes reading advise from so called “professional” designers, and they do nothing else but confuse people’s minds and give bad advice altogether (while getting rich in the process :-().   I am here to help and will be glad to answer any of your questions. Hopefully, with the help of my website, choosing your bridal dress will be a great experience.

One piece of advice here.  I always suggest that :

    • The final decision will be yours and only yoursYou do not want to have any regrets looking back.
    • Do your research well. You are lucky enough to have the internet as an infinite source of information
    • Envision your wedding day.  And most importantly envision yourself wearing the dress. Do you feel comfortable in your       wedding dress?  Does the style match with your personality and most importantly you body shape, height and skin tone.  Is there something you would especially like to show off? …arms, neck, legs. For example, most bridal gowns come in a b cup, and there’s only certain amount of designers that will make that change of opening the cup or raising the neck line. Don’t PANIC!, I will help you find the right designer/wedding shop.
    • Location and Time. Your wedding dress style depends on the Location/Venue as well as the time of day. So for example if you are going to have a beach wedding, you need a dress that compliments the calm ocean breeze and warm golden sunshine.  Ideally you would go for a casual yet elegant type of dress like an A line Chiffon v-neck wedding dress. Same as in Morning Weddings. You want to tend to stay towards styles that are little less formal. Silk is a very light material and it will be good for a morning wedding.
    • Do not exceed you budget. You don’t have to. Again, make informed decisions. I used to work for a wedding dress shop in New York ( I cannot mention the name for obvious reasons) and her profit margins were 700%.  And for those on a low budget, I will show you where and how you can buy a designer wedding dress within the $700 – $900 price range or LESS.
    • Start looking for your wedding dress AT LEAST 1 year before your wedding. You do not want to stress yourself too much close to the wedding. And remember that after your order is placed, most tailors require approximately 10 weeks to complete your dress and delivering it to your door.

On my website, we will take a look at a lot of different wedding dresses from beach wedding dresses, lace wedding dresses, vintage wedding dresses, maternity wedding dresses, plus sizes wedding dresses, short wedding dresses and many more.  I will also review different colours like the red, white, pink, gold and black dresses, taking into consideration the season and weather factor.  Different materials are used for a winter dress. Are you curious to know the wedding dress style that I chose for my wedding? Try guessing!!

I get a lot of messages from Ladies sending wedding dress images and asking me if their wedding dress is too casual or too simple. First thing, there’s that saying KISS – “Keep it simple stupid” (pardon my French). These days casual wedding dresses are very in fashion. So your dress does not need to have a train/tulle to look just lovely and beautiful. Second, again as I said before, what really matters is whether you like it or not. People have different styles and tastes, your mom might not like a dress that you have fallen in love with. So long as you are happy with the dress, then it does not really matter what everyone else thinks.   

And finally, you are very lucky to live in what the big guys at silicone valley call the “information age”.  This means that you can buy your wedding dress ONLINE and save hundreds of dollars if not thousands.  I will guide you through some great websites that I have found and contacted the owners myself to make sure their dresses are high quality and most importantly have good customer service.

Some of these websites sell made to order wedding dresses, meaning that both standard size and custom measurements orders will be crafted accordingly by their tailors. This means that your dress will be specially tailored for your accurate match.  And yes, they do make plus sizes wedding dresses and maternity wedding dresses that look just beautiful.

By the way, I wore a white tea length wedding dress for my wedding with a touch of pink. Growing up as a child, I was always inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s style dresses.

Happy Surfing, Happy Shopping!



P.S: Please do not hesitate to ask any questions in the question box.  My friends and myself will try our best to answer any questions that you might have about your wedding planning. 

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